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Joy Dyanne Stearns

Joy Dyanne is a grief guide, author and healing artist.  She is a ceremonialist, modern mystic, wife, mother and way shower. Joy has experienced more grief than most with the sudden and tragic loss of her child, her late husband, her design career and eventually her entire old identity.

She has traveled the globe studying how other cultures handle death and has worked with ministers and priests, monks, indigenous elders, healers, medicine men aka shaman. Her soul-searching journey became a ‘terrestrial temple tour” of visiting temples, churches, ashrams, and sacred sites around the world only to realize she was the object of her own search when she discovered the true temple within.

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"Waking Up in Bali" is the audio book from my story recently published in the printed anthology, Love Notes from the Soul.  The original intention for this recording was to share my story, in my voice, with one of my dearest friends who is blind.  This offering for her has birthed into a gift for all of us.  

Please "Download Track" to Subscribe for free listening.  If you feel moved to do so, pay as you wish to help cover the cost of this gift and future inspirational offerings.  


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Published Work

Love Notes 3D Cover 1-22 (1).png

Don’t you think the world could use a massive dose of LOVE with a big dash of empathy right about now?

I’m delighted to announce that my story, "Waking Up in Bali", was published in the anthology: LOVE NOTES From the Soul: Stories of Transformation and Hope.

LOVE NOTES is a collection of 30 real-life stories written by everyday s/heroes... like me and you. In my story, "Waking Up in Bali", I share my soul-deep experience of daring to reach for my wildest, most untamed dreams.

LOVE NOTES will take you on a journey that traverses the realms of love, life, and self-discovery, each poignant and beautifully crafted piece is a luminous jewel in its own right.

Order your copy today and let a little LOVE into your life. 

Available on Amazon 02.28.2024

Work in Progress

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Beauty from Ashes, is “our memoir” about my little daughter’s life, tragic death and the global magical mystery tour I ended up taking unwittingly to scatter her ashes, like fairy dust to sacred places around the Mother Earth. This is a story about how unbeknownst to me by using my spiritual practice as a map with my angel as my guide she whispered to me through spirit and nature for my own awakening.

In this trial by fire story, fire is a theme as well as a metaphor for healing. Beginning with my own traumatic past with the death and destruction of actual fires to pressing the igniter to light the fire for my daughter’s cremation to how over a decade later, I participated in puja rituals in Nepal and sat observing the burning of funeral pyres in Varanasi, India where a sacred flame eternally burns on the banks of the holy Ganga river.  

After burning through lifetimes of karma and several generations of trauma that resulted in a very dysregulated nervous system, my transformation happened when I became my own “flame keeper” by learning how to self- regulate and modulate my nervous system and ultimately access my own inner fire and power eventually rising like a phoenix from the ashes of my traumatic past.

Let's Connect. . .

Please feel free to reach out to me for one on one grief guidance, sign up for some of my experiential group offerings or book me for public speaking for your event or podcast.  

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