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Grief N.E.S.T. is a Nurturing Ecosystem of Support and Trust 

Providing community and a safe container for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or those facing any overwhelming change or life transition.

Grief N.E.S.T. Offerings



All that is shared stays within the community and is not to be shared with others outside of the circle. In addition, participants are not to bring up a specific share to another participant if they were to see each other outside of the group in order to maintain a safe energetic container.    

Speak Your Truth From Your Heart

In group sharing participants are guided to share their experiences and to learn how to speak to the essence of what they are feeling, from their heart.  This is an opportunity to be seen and heard with the understanding that you do not have to always be "okay".  Individuals are also supported to own their experience and their feelings. There is powerful healing that happens when a person is able to be witnessed in their truth and vulnerability without judgement.  "Whatever is" is welcome here.   

No CrossTalk: Holding the "Talking Bone"

In live group discussion this guideline ensures that each person has full permission and space to express what they are feeling without someone else interjecting to offer a comment, advice, suggestions or sharing of how it relates to him, her self or themselves.This allows each person to share without fear of being judged or another trying to "fix" their problem. When responding to another in posts or when it is your turn to share please speak in "I" language," for example, when I heard this I felt ( ).

No Sharing of Graphic Details

Keep in mind that this is not therapy/group therapy and certain content may not be appropriate to share with others. Please refrain from sharing graphic details as this can be overwhelming or re-traumatizing for others who are grieving especially if the nature of your loss includes violence or traumatic circumstances that were particularly disturbing to you. Thank you for being mindful, discerning and compassionate about what you share with others.  

Please do not give unsolicited advice/promotions

People who are hurting need to be witnessed and heard, to be accepted and received no matter what they are going through.  Please do not give advice or promote your products or services here.  By all means, meeting friends here is encouraged however unsolicited sales or any personal advice will result in removal from the group.  Thank you for maintaining healthy boundaries.

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In person and online support with empathy for those grieving

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