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“Joy’s patience, sense of calm and her unique way of being has come from trial by fire. She has risen like the phoenix and has developed strong and loving wings to gently support and guide others through the alchemy that only traversing the depths of grief can provide. The best teachers and guides are those who go first and experience what was previously unknown. Through the unexpected and shocking death of her child Joy was forced to walk on a previously unknown path. As a consequence, and in honor of her Beloved, her late daughter, Joy has emerged into being one of the most creative, skillful grief guides I know”.

C. Simek, Death Doula & Officiant

"Joy's sound healing transcends words, spiraling into my body and soul like an ocean wave that washed over me. During a healing session the sound of her voice encompassed not only collective grief but a profoundly intimate sorrow yet the frequency felt strong and calming, rooted in courage, empathy and compassion. My heart was soothed and understood. I feel safe enough to feel, listen to and tend to my own pain while in her guidance and care.  These releases are so gratifying, my cells are buzzing with life force and vibrancy.”

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H.Chen, San Francisco

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“Working with Joy brings clarity to the deeper places within you that need the flashlight of awareness to transform. She provides a loving, safe, accepting space helping you calm your nervous system so your being can bring attention to what it needs to transform.  I am so very grateful to have Joy guide me through this phase in my life!”

D.K., Santa Fe  

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