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End  ofLife Services

Hello fellow soul, I am Joy Dyanne.  I am a somatic grief specialist, grief educator, ceremonialist, an EOL (End of Life) Officiant and an ordained nondenominational minister. I am a wife, a mother, a widow and for some, a way-shower. After surviving the death of my young child, and later my husband, I traveled the globe searching for meaning, studying how other cultures observe death. 


Honoring the lives of those who have died with the "visceral ritual" of ceremony is an opportunity for healing and closure.  My passion is co-creating with you and distilling the essence of your loved one’s life into a beautiful eulogy, memorial tribute and ceremony.  I also work in collaboration with ministers and monks, indigenous elders, healers, priestesses and medicine men.


In my own experience around death, I have learned that talking about death and expressing our feelings around dying demystifies it and this is a necessary part of “getting real” about life’s greatest transition. 


From being on the other side of the tissue box,  I am more authentically able to handle the interview around sensitive subjects with survivors.  I provide practical organization and program coordination as well as sourcing music, writing the obituary and a beautiful eulogy for your loved one. I am present and comfortable being the funeral celebrant or officiant for the memorial services.  I conduct spiritual but not religious ceremony and rituals.  One of my "superpower's" is designing the tone, theme and aesthetic of the program based on the style and wishes of the person whose life we are honoring. 

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