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What is Somatic?

I became a Somatic Grief Specialist because I've experienced so many losses and so much grief as a result. At that time, I did not have the resources or the help that I urgently needed. During this process, I did not have the right professionals or helpers to guide me when I was dealing with extreme anxiety, physical pain and symptoms in my body so I became a specialist in this field from my own direct experience of what helped me heal. I know what it is to traverse that wild terrain for myself therefore I can meet you, and those who are grieving, where you are because I know I know how rugged the terrain is, it's wild and frightening.

The work that I guide you through is sensory, somatic, experiential and intuitive. I provide a safe container and supportive environment for you to be witnessed as I guide you to relax into your own feeling and felt sense experience as you learn to move energy through your own creative self-expression.

Although I have professional certifications and extensive training in grief, loss and trauma, I am not a therapist, psychologist or clinician. If I feel that you, or anyone that I work with, are/is in need of medical, psychological and/or psychiatric assistance then I will encourage and refer you to a qualified clinical professional.

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