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One on One Sessions

You will have my complete and focused individual attention of active listening and being witnessed while being held in a safe, sacred energetic container with me.   

Grief & Trauma informed Yoga Practices, Somatic Movement & Dance

Writing, Journaling & Expressive Arts

Writing to myself and for myself has been one of my greatest teachers.  I will suggest individual writing prompts tailored especially for you from our sessions. I will guide you in some transformative writing practices to transcend venting, get to the heart of your writing and find your voice.  Sometimes words get in the way and don't work so we learn to pause the left side of our brains to invite and visit our feelings with shape, color,  line and sometimes clipped images through the mediums of drawing, painting and collage.

Sounding, Singing & Breath Exploration

Being with breathing is the most effective way to become calm and centered.  Consider how different our world would be if we stopped more often for a breathing break or simply start to remember to breathe more often than not when we are driving in traffic or are in stressful situations.  Ranging from easy breath practices to full on sounding release and singing  expression we will explore how to self regulate, be at peace and learn to simply practice "being breathed".   (You are welcome to enjoy my free download)

Visceral Ritual & Ceremony for Life Transitions

Honoring the lives of those who have died with the "visceral ritual" of ceremony is an opportunity for healing and closure.  Creating sacred space and rituals for the living are especially beneficial. 

Whether facing a relationship that has changed (break up/divorce) or simply savoring life's sweeter transitions like births, marriages, aging and other rites of passage,  the benefits of ritual are restorative for your nervous system and physiology to potentially have powerful and exponential benefit and blessings.  

Creative Grief, Release & Relief Group Workshops, Gatherings and Retreats

We mainly still gather together in the safety of our own homes while online during these tumultuous times however we have started to meet in person for group retreats.  These meet ups are golden opportunities to be in community to be supported and held by the energy of the collective.  Both online and in person groups are beneficial for rewiring, healing and regulating our nervous systems.  

(See Calendar and Scheduling for Group Event Offerings)

Group work offers the opportunity for co-regulation and it is profoundly healing to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to be witnessed and energetically held in a safe group container.  This is especially helpful for those who have experienced developmental or relational trauma.

"For where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I AM in the midst of them"  Matt.18.20

Group retreat
Joy Dyanne for one on One sessions

With me as your guide, in your own specific individual home or attending an online group practice, you are  invited to become centered and grounded to create a safe space in order to slow down, be calm and feel. 

Whether in stillness and silence or in focused movement, our goal is to approach this with curiosity and allow whatever feelings and sensations are to simply exist.  Our feelings will then inform our movement as we creatively move energy together.   We become free enough to "dance like no one is watching" even when we are together and even more glad to see each other in our authentic movement and expression. 

Joy Dyanne in Lotus pose for Grief & trauma Yoga
Painting and writing
Joy Breathing
hand in water with flower ceremony
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