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Joy Dyanne Stearns

Grief Specialist
Bereavement Guidance

As a Somatic Grief Specialist I offer empathy, compassion and conscious care for those suffering from the effects of loss, especially the death of a loved one.  My Grief Guidance services include counseling, life transition coaching and practical planning.  I create and hold sacred space for you.  I am a Ceremonialist and End of Life Officiant who designs and conducts conscious ritual and ceremony for our departing & deceased loved ones.  Ceremonies will be co-created by you based on your values and belief systems.  

  Everyone is unique and grieves differently.  The bereaved shall be treated gently, carefully and tenderly as individual and programs are based on each individual’s experience and circumstances.

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waves of the ocean with sunset, waves of grief

Waves of Grief

Grief is incessant and unpredictable.  As if a storm has suddenly formed, a wide range of emotions can strike at any moment and rise up when we least expect. Living with grief is hard work and exhausts every bit of strength we may have and can cloud our ability to focus on our daily responsibilities.   

Our emotional upsets are initiated by a host of seemingly endless causes, reasons and memories.  Acknowledging, allowing and releasing these feelings eventually liberates us from unbearable burden and sorrow.

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Cement steps
joy dyanne laying on cement steps, Caress sorrow

Caress Sorrow

When we turn inward, it is important to be safe enough to feel and approach our most vulnerable wounded selves with tenderness and utmost care.  Sorrow is delicate and fragile, like a fledgling that we hold carefully.  

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Joy Dyanne in the woods peacefully

I am here for you, able to meet you to be completely present to witness and deeply listen to truly see and
hear you. I will hold a safe energetic container for you. I use somatic practices to help you slow down
and deeply listen within to your thoughts, your body and felt sense experience. I guide you out of your
racing thoughts and overwhelming emotions into the wisdom of your heart and body. As an empath I am
able to help you access and express your grief and what is keeping you from being able to be present in
your life. I will share resources and tools in order for you to feel a greater sense of peace and safety
within yourself.

Joy Dyanne offers the following Embodied Exploration in one on one and group sessions:

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Sun beaming over a mountain range showing illuminace and hope

Illuminance = Hope

An opportunity to discover insight, contentment and peace through one’s own direct experience and innate wisdom.  Learn to transform grief into relief, sadness into gladness and sorrow into joy.  Remembering and tuning into our own resilience turns the compost of our pain and suffering into fertile ground for hope and Post Traumatic Growth.  

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deep lights for reverence




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a door way through life transition

Life Transition

Honoring the lives of those who have died with the "visceral ritual" of ceremony is an opportunity for healing and closure. 

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Joy Dyanne surrounded by fall leaves

Joy Dyanne has designed this unique approach for healing and transforming grief based upon her own personal life experience. Her daughter died suddenly in a tragic accident at the age of five. Only three years later, her husband dropped dead of a heart attack.

After years of despair and suffering, she studied and obtained her professional certification in grief, loss, and trauma counseling. Joy has worked with parents who have lost children to a host of circumstances, including accidents, overdose, and suicide. She also councils those grieving the loss of their spouses from unforeseen death and divorce.

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This website is designed to offer general information that educates users about grief, loss and trauma resources, programs and services that are available through Tears of Joy.  If you are experiencing a medical or mental health crisis please consult your primary care provider, your mental health professional or call 911 Emergency, 988 Suicide & Crisis Hotline or NM residents call 1-855-NMCRISIS (Toll Free) 

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